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Putting People First

Meet the Owners

Heather Gerritse, Executive Director
Tim Reese, Owner
Kelley Geiger, Owner

Symphony of Wimberley is an owner-operated business. Our founders, Kelley Geiger and Tim Reese, personally oversee operations each day.

Kelley has nearly 20 years experience in healthcare. Over the last 10 years, she has become concerned about what she sees as the decline in the quality of care provided by facilities for seniors. Her concerns led her to create the type of small facility where she and Tim can make a difference in the lives of their residents.

“I wanted people to have a better quality of life,” explains Kelley. “It’s one thing to live with restrictions from your doctor—it’s another thing for the place you live to restrict what you can do.”

At Symphony of Wimberley this commitment to living life the way you want means not being restricted by rigid schedules and rules. “Because of the size of the facility and the size of the community, our residents can do the things they want to do when they want to do them,” says Kelley. “I want our residents to live their lives as independently as they can while ensuring their safety and well-being.”

A Commitment to Living Life to the Fullest

At Symphony, we’ve assembled a team of people who concentrate on creating a home-like environment for our residents.

Executive Director

Heather Gerritse, our Executive Director, is responsible for our day-to-day operations. Her first priority is the comfort and safety of our residents.

“It’s important to me that everyone receives the very best support and guidance,” says Heather. “I am eager to create a welcoming and healthy space, particularly for those who need help taking care of themselves.”

In addition to our Executive Director, our team is made up of our:

Executive Chef — our Executive Chef creates high quality meals featuring homemade—not packaged—entrees and desserts. We focus on using organic ingredients for healthy, appetizing meals.

Consulting Dietitian — our Consulting Dietitian makes sure that our dishes meet the nutritional needs of all our residents and helps us accommodate special dietary restrictions.

Life Enrichment Director — we want our residents to be active and involved. Our Life Enrichment Director keeps people moving and engaged with exercise programs and designs activities that appeal to our residents’ interests.

Patient Care Staff — our Personal Care Attendants have received special training in resident care and dementia care. They concentrate on helping enrich our residents’ lives through kind, compassionate care.