Community Activities and Your Loved One

Assisted living offers a chance for your loved one to participate in community events. These events provide a space for your loved ones to socialize and feel a sense of belonging they might otherwise miss out on while staying alone at home. This article covers why assisted living programs have community activities and how it brings everyone together.

Isolation and the Elderly
A significant issue that impacts elderly mental health is isolation. Older people are more likely to live alone when their children leave the house or if they lose their spouse. Isolation is also common if a more aged person isn’t able to leave the house often because they are disabled or are no longer able to drive.

Isolation can be dangerous for your loved one’s mental and physical health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), social isolation can lead to increased smoking, inactivity, and obesity. The same report also states that isolation can lead to a 50% increase in dementia and an increase in heart attacks or stroke. Isolation is also dangerous if your loved one experiences an accident, common in old age.

Benefits of Community Activities in Assisted Living

Socialization Is Great for the Brain
As mentioned above, isolation can negatively impact the brain. Meeting with others can stimulate the brain, and social connections can slow down the progression of dementia, lowering the severity of depression and anxiety.

Keeping Your Loved One Active
Community events and other amenities like exercise can keep those you care for active physically and mentally in older age. It’s recommended that an older person stay busy around the house, but there are even more opportunities to stay involved in a community setting like assisted living. This activity can slow down the physical deterioration of the body, keeping your loved one healthy while simultaneously stimulating their brain and mind

Enabling Your Loved One to Make Friends
It’s never too late to make new connections with others. Community events allow your loved one to make friends within the assisted living program. They can extend their social circle and find people with whom they have things in common. Assisted living centers have a wide range of events to choose from, allowing your loved ones to make friends doing what they enjoy.

Providing Things to Look Forward To
Planning events in advance can make the future exciting. A great way to combat depression is to have something to look forward to, whether it be a club that meets weekly, a future trip, or a special night. Community events at assisted living centers can range from a weekly book club, bingo night, or a planned outing with the community.

Mood Elevation
Activities can make a person feel happy. When a person does something they enjoy, it raises their mood. Boredom isn’t good for people, and that’s why having these activities is a fantastic benefit for your loved one.

Activities to Expect at Symphony of Wimberley

Wimberley Market Days
The Wimberley Lion’s club hosts Texas Hill Country’s largest outdoor market, with over 490 booths spread across over 20 acres from March through December. Market days allow attendees to contribute money to the community by purchasing from local businesses and programs at their booths. With plenty of music and shopping, Market Days is a fantastic day out with your assisted living community.

Local Concerts and Plays
The community of Wimberley is home to three major theaters and a concert hall. Residents of Symphony of Wimberley can enjoy a day out and view a local production or a classical music concert. These talented performers bring enjoyable entertainment to all of those who attend.

Symphony of Wimberley Book Club
If you are an avid reader, we have just the club for you. Symphony of Wimberley has its very own book club where you can gather with your community and discuss the latest book.

Nature Walks at Nearby Parks
Symphony of Wimberley is located close to the Cypress Creek Nature Preserve. Our location gives us easy access to the rolling hills, creeks, and beautiful wildflowers. Nature is fantastic for your loved one’s mental health. Connecting with nature provides incredible benefits as it can decrease depression, lower anxiety, and fill you with a sense of ease.

Arts and Crafts
Your loved ones will be allowed to show off their creativity during our arts and crafts events. They can make plenty of fun things for themselves and their loved ones at Symphony of Wimberley. Get out the glue and pipe cleaners and make something you are proud to show off. Join us today!

Increased activity can benefit your older loved one in the long run. High activity can slow their decline and give them a better quality of life. If your loved one has things to look forward to and people they can make lasting friendships with, they will feel happier in the long run. At Symphony of Wimberley, we have plenty of activities for a diverse amount of interests, ensuring that your loved ones will find something that they will enjoy. Whether they love to read books and garden or enjoy seeing a play or concert, your loved ones will enjoy all of the fun activities we offer at Symphony of Wimberley. If your loved one might benefit from assisted living or memory care, Symphony of Wimberley promises top-of-the-line care for all of our residents. If you are interested in learning more, call us today at (512) 243-5852.


To learn more about our assisted care facility, call Symphony of Wimberley at (512) 243-5852.