Benefits of Weekly Doctor and Mobile Dentist Appointments

Elderly individuals must receive consistent medical and dental care to ensure that they are healthy and maintain this state of health. People’s bodies experience many changes as they age, including weakening immune systems, among other ailments and conditions. As a result, older people are quicker to get sick or be impacted by accidents that would not affect a person to the same degree in their youth. This article explains why Symphony of Wimberley includes medical and dental services in our assisted living program.

Weekly doctor and mobile dentist appointments help in the following ways:

Older People Might Miss Problems Early On
Many people at this life stage are unaware of how severe injuries and illnesses are. They might be uneducated about how their body has changed in this stage of life and the reality of their aging body. Those at this age might believe they can tough it out because that’s what they have always done. They might have had worse problems in the past that they healed from. However, that isn’t the reality of their situation anymore.

Sometimes, older people might not seek help for things or even report an injury or illness to a loved one or a caretaker. They might think that it isn’t a big deal at the time. For older people, neglected health can lead to more severe consequences. Putting off seeing a doctor only makes things worse. Weekly doctor visits or mobile dentists make care more convenient.

It Might Be Harder to Visit a Doctor or Dentist
It’s common for older people to have limited mobility or unreliable transportation. An older person might use a cane, walker, wheelchair, scooter, or assistance to get from place to place, but traveling long distances might not be easy. Older people also tend to not drive due to vision or reflex issues that make it too dangerous to have a license. This can make going to the doctors or the dentists less convenient or nearly impossible if they don’t have someone to take them or cannot utilize public transportation. A personal doctor or a mobile dentist can visit the patient in their residence, allowing for convenient care.

The Necessity of Weekly Doctor Visits
Since older people might be less aware of the seriousness of symptoms, or an accident might have caused more harm than they realized, weekly checkups can catch potentially dire health situations before they require hospitalization. Those who are older are more likely to contract illnesses, develop cancer, or have issues with their organs that could become life-threatening and need to be addressed right away.

Elderly Tend to Have Illnesses That Require Constant Care
Whether your loved one has chronic pain that can vary in severity every day or has an illness such as Parkinson’s, dementia, or diabetes, they require constant care that can burden families and caretakers. Even if necessary, a person might not want to or cannot attend weekly appointments. The commute to the doctor can be tiring on its own. Having a doctor visit the home can help you or your loved one save energy and resources.

Sudden Illnesses Might Need Immediate Attention
You or your loved one might suddenly experience symptoms that need immediate attention. They might not be life-threatening enough to go to a hospital, which might cause you to put off a doctor’s visit, risking the illness becoming worse. Weekly doctor visits can allow you to explain any changes you might be feeling. Then that doctor can determine if what you are describing is severe and warrants medical attention.

Benefits of Mobile Dentist Appointments
The elderly are at greater risk for tooth decay simply because teeth only hold up for so long. There aren’t any replacement teeth, and due to everyday habits such as smoking and eating sugar, it’s common for older people to have missing teeth or tooth replacements like dentures, bridges, and implants. Tooth decay at this age becomes even more dangerous because the immune system has weakened. Tooth infections can become severe and even life-threatening if not taken care of. A tooth that is becoming a problem might need to be removed. Many people tend to neglect their dental care, but this trend can become much more dangerous in older age.

Poor oral hygiene is especially common for those who have memory issues. Dementia patients are prone to tooth decay because it’s common to forget to brush daily. Medications can also affect dental care. Some medicines have the side effect of dry mouth, adversely affecting the teeth.

The elderly tend to need more frequent care, which can become a problem if your loved one cannot get to the doctor or the dentist all of the time. Having a mobile dentist and weekly doctor visits is one of the many perks of assisted living, especially here at Symphony of Wimberley. We offer these services because we know our residents need and deserve the best care possible. When a person is able to access care without any barriers, they are less likely to put off that care. Prolonging doctor visits can be especially dangerous for older people because it is easy for them to get sick or badly injured during a seemingly non-traumatic physical event or accident. An illness or a fall might seem fine at first, but it can turn quickly into life-threatening if not taken care of. Please call us today at (512) 243-5852 to learn more.

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